Connecting People Through Pets

“Pets provide us with a sense of belonging, connection, and contentment for which we all long”, Dr. Beth Frates, Director of Lifestyle Medicine & Wellness Department of Surgery Harvard Mass General

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We are the only community-building platform connecting pet people. Whether you are looking to find friends, love or join a pet-loving community, Offleash’d makes finding your pet people easy!

Guided by the unconditional love that animals demonstrate every day, Offleash’d seeks to emulate the bond shared between people and their pets to create long-lasting interpersonal relationships.


Get ready to take your pet connections to a whole new level with the Offleash’d app! Join a vibrant community of pet parents where you can connect, share experiences, and find like-minded individuals in your local area. You now have four exciting ways to use the Offleash’d app.

Pet Social

Pet Social feature is a great way to connect with other pet parents. Meet a new friend at the local dog park or join a group of bird enthusiasts for a day of fun.


We believe that pets play the most essential role in creating long-lasting relationships. Being part of our Offleash’d community is also helping you find that special someone who both you and your pet will love. 


Groups is now coming to the Offleash’d app! Soon you will be able to connect and socialize with other pet parents in your community, regardless of the type of pet you have. 

Live Video Chat

Offleash’d Live allows you to bring your online connections to life through our 1:1 video chatting. Build that connection and rapport before you ever meet up


About Offleash’d

"The social app I always wanted!"

"What a fun and easy app to use! Pet people love to meet pet people."

"This will definitely help take the pressure off"

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With Offleash’d, you can connect with fellow pet lovers and forge meaningful connections for you and your beloved furry companions…

Connecting with others and sharing your love for animals allows you to bond over your passion. It provides a supportive community where you can exchange experiences, advice, and tips on pet care.

Want to stay informed about the latest pet-related events and activities in your local area?
Be part of a community of pet lovers who share their love and dedication to animals. 😺⁣
Want to stay informed about the latest pet-related events and activities in your local area?
Together, we celebrate the joy and companionship that pets bring to our lives while also providing support, advice, and camaraderie to one another. 🦮⁣

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