Introducing our brand new Groups feature on Offleash’d! 

We’re thrilled to announce that now, in addition to connecting with fellow pet lovers and sharing adorable moments, you can create or join pet-centric groups right here on Offleash’d!

Our Groups feature will provide an array of options for pet lovers to connect from breed specific groups, to rescue organizations, to pet related businesses to training and relationship tips.

Our user-centric platform ensures that pet owners connect with individuals who share their passion for pets and have similar interests.

Our AI powered algorithm suggests relevant groups based on user preferences, making it effortless for users to find your ideal community.

Showcase your personality with a short bio and some fun pictures featuring you and your pets. ​
Introduce the world to your fuzzy, scaly, feathered best friends! ​ ​
Upload your favorite photos of your pet to your pet wall to finish off your awesome new profile. ​
Now you are ready to mingle with the offleash'd community! Give a thumbs up to initiate a connection. If the timing isn't right, give a thumbs down to pass for now.
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