Jeffrey D Brown

Jeffrey D Brown

Jeffrey D Brown is a seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for connecting people and building successful companies. As the new partner and COO (Chief Operating Officer) of Offleash’d, the premier social app for pet lovers, Jeffrey brings over 30 years of experience in building and growing businesses. Jeffrey’s entrepreneurial journey began after he graduated with honors with an MBA from the University of Michigan, Ross School of Business. He joined Security Capital Group, a start-up real estate management company, where he played a pivotal role in growing the Homestead Village brand. Eventually, GE Capital acquired Security Capital Group for $4 billion in 2002.

Following his success at Security Capital Group, Jeffrey co-founded a mortgage broker company based in Seattle. Through his leadership, the company became one of the largest brokers in the region. In 2009, Homestead Mortgage was sold to Axia Home Loans, where Jeffrey has held various roles, including board member, branch leader, and producing branch manager.

Apart from his business achievements, Jeffrey has always had a deep love for pets. He brings his lifelong passion as a pet-person to his role at Offleash’d. Jeffrey cherishes his 11-year old BikkiBear named Daley, who is an important part of his family. With his wife Stacy of 32 years, Jeffrey has successfully raised two incredible daughters, Jenay and Riley. In fact, Riley has taken her love for pets even further by becoming a trainer for Dubs & Dubs II, the husky mascot for the University of Washington.

Jeffrey finds joy and purpose in his deep connections with his family, friends, and faith. He believes that strong relationships are built on shared interests and values, and that pets have a unique ability to bring people together. This is why he is thrilled to partner with Terry James once again in the mission of Offleash’d.

Jeffrey is excited about the opportunity to redefine how pet lovers connect and build meaningful relationships through the Offleash’d app. He believes that pets have the power to bring new joy and stability to all types of relationships. With his entrepreneurial spirit, experience, and passion, Jeffrey is committed to creating a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive pet community where people can find happiness and connection with fellow pet lovers.

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