CEO and Co-Founder

Terry E. James

Terry E. James

Terry E. James, is the CEO and Co-Founder Partner of Offleash’d, the premier social app for pet lovers. Renowned for his exceptional achievements and forward-thinking mindset, Terry recently graced the cover of the esteemed 2023’s Top 100 Innovators and Entrepreneurs Magazine.

​With a lifelong passion for pets, Terry’s instant connection to Offleash’d was undeniable. With its core mission to connect people through their shared love for pets and build a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive pet community, Terry’s values perfectly align with his dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion throughout his successful professional journey. Terry is the driving force behind this remarkable venture, leveraging his extensive experience in the Financial Services and Real Estate industries to build an extraordinary company.

Throughout his impressive 23+ year career, Terry has continuously excelled as a Licensed Wealth Manager for prominent firms including Morgan Stanley, where he received the prestigious Top 1% National Sales Director Award, and UBS Financial Services. Additionally, Terry thrived as the former CEO and Owner of CARE Lending LLC, a mortgage finance company. Under his leadership, the startup grew into a powerhouse, achieving annual sales of over $100 million. Not content with his accomplishments, Terry also leads the James Real Estate Group Companies, specializing in Real Estate Development, Construction, and Sales. With an impeccable track record, Terry’s involvement in over $500+ million worth of real estate transactions symbolizes his unrivaled expertise.

But Terry’s passion extends beyond his professional pursuits. As a proud pet owner, Terry shares his heart and home with three furry companions named Bean, Soulo, and Simba. Adding to his joy, Terry is also a devoted father to two amazing humans, Malakai and Maliyah, and husband of 22+ years to Sheree James, all whom bring immeasurable happiness to his life. Residing in Redondo Beach, CA, Terry’s unwavering dedication to Offleash’d sees him diligently managing his companies and traveling between Seattle and Los Angeles. His commitment to creating a vibrant and diverse pet community shines through in each decision and action he takes.

With Terry E. James as the driving force behind Offleash’d, the app is set to redefine how pet lovers connect and build meaningful relationships. Join Offleash’d today and experience firsthand the vision, expertise, and passion that he brings to the world of pet people.

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