Best Pet-Friendly Activities To Do with Friends

Meeting new people is exciting! It can also be a bit stressful, even when you are looking forward to creating connections. The Offleash’d team wants to help put those first meet-up jitters aside so that you can focus on building relationships with your fellow Pet People in a natural, comfortable environment. Whether you are bonding with a new BFF or looking to switch up your date night routine, these fun, low-budget hang outs are designed for you (and your pet, duh!) to create memorable experiences without all the pressure.

Movie Night

If you feel like staying in on date night (because you know, covid), how about a movie night?! It’s the purr-fect excuse to wear comfy sweats while spending time with your significant other, not to mention being in a familiar environment will keep your pet at ease. Stock up on all the snacks, grab all the blankets and snuggle up for cozy night in. Bonus points if you watch an animal themed movie, like one of these.

Coffee Date

Grabbing a cup of coffee is a great way to get to know people in a more laid-back environment. Many cafes and coffee shops are more lenient when it comes to your furry friend tagging along, while some are specifically designed with animals in mind. Cat Cafeshave surged in popularity in recent years, allowing patrons to sip their coffee and play with kitties while they’re at it!

Take a Hike

It’s time to get out in nature. Hikes are a great way to engage in a physical activity while also leaving room for conversation to ebb and flow naturally (unless the elevation gain makes it a little hard to breathe, let alone wax poetic on your middle school angst years). Trails are usually pet-friendly, but make sure to double check the regulations and trail conditions before you go. Even a nice, leisurely stroll through a park or neighborhood is great way to get to know a new person with your pet in tow.

Stay tuned for more Offleash’d Pet Friendly Hang Outs, coming soon!

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