Meet New Friends & Grow Your Community with Pet Social Mode

Offleash’d is not your average social networking app. It is unique and multifaceted, much like our users themselves. But what sets Offleash’d apart from the other social apps out there? Perhaps it is because we are the first app dedicated especially to all people and all pets, from horses and rabbits to iguanas and parakeets. Perhaps it is our patented matching algorithm that filters for both pet and human characteristics to ensure quality connections. Or perhaps it is the ease with which users can switch between two unique modes, Pet Social and Dating, depending on what kind of relationships they wish to pursue.

We are striving to create a community that keeps growing, where people can build genuine connections that extend beyond the parameters of a typical dating app. But we also know that relationships are not so easily defined, and that is where Pet Social mode comes into play.

Pet Social is the perfect avenue for people to form relationships of all kinds. Not only can you find new friends, but you can also use Offleash’d to connect with pet lovers in your area to share resources and information or even plan playdates for your pets! With the help of our unique matching algorithm, there is no limit to the number of connections that are possible, making Offleash’d one of the few social networking apps that is not meant to be deleted after you have made a match.

So, whether you are looking for love, friendship or just hoping to broaden your horizons, Offleash’d can help connect you with pet people who share similar interests and goals. Have you tried out Pet Social mode yet? We would love to hear about your adventures with the Offleash’d community. Send us an email at to share your story and for a chance to be featured on the blog!

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