Offleash’d Secures Spot in Google for Startups Cloud Program plus $200k in Support & Credits

Offleash’d, the premier social app for pet people, is thrilled to announce its acceptance into the prestigious Google for Startups Cloud Program. This exciting partnership brings Offleash’d a momentous opportunity to advance its mission of connecting pet people through pets and building a vibrant social community for pet parents.

As part of the program, Offleash’d will receive $200,000 in financial credits and gain access to a wealth of strategic and technical support over the next two years. The collaboration with Google represents a significant leap forward for Offleash’d, enabling the company to fuel its future growth through Google’s financial backing, mentorship, training, and strategic advice.

“We are excited to be accepted into Google for Startups Cloud Program,” said Terry E. James, CEO of Offleash’d. “This partnership will have an immediate and significant impact on our trajectory in 2024 and beyond as we continue to enhance our social platform and expand our user base. Google’s support, resources, and vast experience will help us build and scale faster while optimizing our operations.”

A key benefit for Offleash’d will be the integration of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its platform. With Google Cloud’s powerful AI solutions, Offleash’d will be able to implement advanced AI capabilities that enhance user experiences and provide valuable insights to its users. The integration of AI will revolutionize the way pet owners connect, share, and interact on the app, taking personalization to new heights.

“Having access to Google Cloud’s cutting-edge technology will enable Offleash’d to leverage Google Cloud’s extensive portfolio of cloud-based services, including compute, storage, networking, databases, and machine learning, to build and scale Offleash’d technologies more efficiently,” said Nassir Samatar, Technical Advisor of Offleash’d. “This will allow Offleash’d to focus on its core business of connecting pet people and building a vibrant social community for pet parents.”

Furthermore, being a part of Google for Startups Cloud Program will significantly reduce Offleash’d’s infrastructure costs. The generous financial credits provided by Google will enable Offleash’d to scale efficiently, saving crucial resources that can be directed towards improving user experience and expanding the app’s features.

“We are excited about the opportunities presented by Google for Startups Cloud Program,” said Drazen Pejnovic, Head of Product for Offleash’d. “The ability to access Google’s robust data analytics and AI solutions will empower us to make smarter, data-driven decisions for the benefit of our users. We look forward to leveraging their cutting-edge technology to further enhance our platform’s capabilities.”

Google dedication to supporting startup success aligns perfectly with Offleash’d’s vision of fostering a thriving pet community for pet parents. Through this collaboration, Offleash’d aims to revolutionize the way pet owners interact and share experiences, with Google Cloud providing the necessary resources, guidance, and expertise to achieve these goals.

About Offleash’d:

Offleash’d is the premier social app for pet people, dedicated to connecting people through pets and building a vibrant social community for pet parents. With a user-friendly interface and innovative features, Offleash’d provides a platform for pet owners to build relationships, whether friendship or romantic, share stories, build community, find pet-friendly events, discover new products, and connect with like-minded individuals. Offleash’d is committed to enhancing the pet ownership experience through technology and community building.

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