Celebrate National Puppy Day by Saying No to Puppy Mills

Are you ready for an entire day dedicated to sweet, adorable puppies?! March 23 is National Puppy Day, which means there is no better time to show some love for humankind’s best friend!

Founded by animal behaviorist and pet lifestyle expert Colleen Paige, the mission of National Puppy Day is to educate the world on the dark side of the pet shop industry and puppy mills. Commercial dog breeding facilities, also known as puppy mills, are characterized by crowded and unsanitary living conditions, where maximizing profit is put before the health and wellness of the animals. According to Spots.com, more than 4 million puppies are born into puppy mills every year, with only half of puppies surviving their first 12 weeks. Many puppy mills are operating illegally and go on to supply pet stores with underweight, ill, and abused animals that are at a higher risk to develop health issues later on.

One of the best ways to combat the influence of puppy mills is to practice “Adopt, Don’t Shop”. For those looking to adopt a puppy, avoid going straight to the pet store and instead visit your local shelter or rescue organization. Not all pet shops are supplied by puppy mills, but it’s important to do the research to ensure that you are entering a transaction with full transparency and that your puppy is healthy, happy, and ready to join your family.

For those who aren’t ready for adoption, there are several ways to show your support on National Puppy Day, from volunteering with your local shelter to fostering an animal. Already a pup owner? Snap a pic of your favorite furry friend, tag us @offleashd, and use #nationalpuppyday to spread the love (and help increase awareness!).

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