Three Women Changing the Lives of Animals Everywhere

Happy International Women’s Day! Every day, women are making huge strides in their chosen fields, from politics to athletics to science and more, and today we come together to celebrate the strong, fierce women in our lives.

The theme for IWD 2022 is “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”, with the focus on women and girls who are leading the fight for climate change adaptation and sustainability efforts. In honor of this year’s theme, we wanted to shine some light on a few incredible women who are making a difference in the fields of animal advocacy and the commercial pet industry through their commitment to a greener world.

Genesis Butler genesis butler (

Genesis Butler is a fifteen-year-old animal rights and environmental activist who has already made a name for herself in the advocacy world, focusing on the impact of animal agriculture on the environment. In addition to being the youngest Tedx talk presenter, Genesis has won several awards and launched her own non-profit, Genesis for Animals.

“Genesis for Animals’ mission is to help support animal sanctuaries and rescues throughout the United States. We do this by providing financial support with any expenses the sanctuary may have for medical treatments, emergency funds, aid through natural disasters, and any other costs they incur, like purchasing supplies for the animals.”

Melissa Mitchner

Melissa Mitchner is the owner of The Bark Shoppe, a pet care facility that offers grooming, boarding, and daycare services as well as selling its own brand of pet grooming products. Community outreach is a large part of The Bark Shoppe’s philosophy, partnering with several initiatives such as Low-Cost Vet Care through the ASPCA and offering internships to help introduce people of color to the pet industry.

Audrey Castonguay

Audrey Castonguay is the founder of Wholesome Culture, a retail company specializing in sustainably made clothing. From eco-friendly materials to bio-degradable packaging, Wholesome Culture puts the environment first. Not to mention that 10% of their profits go to animal rescue and environmental organizations such as Sale Ranch Sanctuary and Rancho Relaxo.

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