How Offleash’d Uses the Powerful Love For Pets to Create Meaningful & Lasting Relationships

All apps operate with an algorithm – the analysis of data to generate a desired result. By having users choose certain traits, interests, and physical attributes, social networking apps can better connect like-minded individuals and improve the overall experience. Offleash’d utilizes the same principle for both their social and dating platforms. But we take it one step further.

Not only are users able to customize their profile and select characteristics that best describe themselves, but they are also able to create a presence for their pets as well. With Offleash’d, users have the unique opportunity to match with people who have similar interests and find animals that their pets will get along with.

Say your pet is more introverted, perhaps a shy sand boa, and prefers peace and quiet. By selecting the appropriate pet traits, the Offleash’d algorithm works to connect you and your reclusive reptile with pets and their people who will complement both personalities. While the maxim of ‘opposites attract’ may work for humans, for our pet companions, it can be a horse of a different color.

For some animals, instinctual behavior can have a dominant effect on their relationship with other animals. For instance, dogs and cats have an age-old rivalry, but they have been known to form unlikely bonds. The same can be true for many other species of animals that find themselves under one roof. As every animal is different, it is important to understand the personality and needs of each individual pet before introducing a potential new pet buddy into their world.

Our goal is to foster meaningful connections, and that means giving our users an inclusive experience customized for the needs of both them and their pets. That is what sets our app apart from all the other dating and social apps on the market. Download Offleash’d for Apple and Android to see what kind of connections you and your pet can make!

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